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How do I learn ultrasound?
Clinical use of ultrasound has 3 components – getting images, interpreting images and applying the information to help patient care. Each of these skills takes time and practice to develop. The information on this site covers all three areas, but is not sufficient to make you competent in any of these parts. It takes time and practice, and like any new skill, can be slow at the start, but it is immensely rewarding, for both the clinician and the patient when you have developed these skills. We encourage all clinicians to learn ultrasound to help improve and expedite care for their patients.
Do I need to be credentialed?
Patients should be able to be confident that their practitioner is competent in what they are doing. Performed poorly, ultrasound can lead to misdiagnoses, missed diagnoses or other problems. In this way, it is no different to any other clinical skill. Credentialing ensures that practitioners have the requisite knowledge and skills, and that governing bodies and patients can be confident in this.

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